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Current Rating: 4.39

Current Rating: 4.39

based on 15299 votes and 183 reviews

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  • The best movie, and the sexiest actor! I love scott speedman. You're the reason for the underworld success!
  • Underworld is the best thriller movie for me. Good thing they have Scott Speedman as the lead actor. Best actor!
  • Without a doubt, this is the best movie i have ever seen besides the sequel!!!. The first time i saw this was in january wen i was on holidays, and you no wat i did.....stuff the beach!!! I sat all day and all night watching it ova and ova again, till i could recite it word for word!!!! i talk bout it so much my friends try to avoid the topic of fave movies, vampires and werewolves. lol. It was really sad though that i had 2 wait until june to get it for my b`day, but i also got Underworld Evolution, and it is now the hols again, and i sit all day and night (night mainly hehe, my parents call it vampire mode, i sleep throught the day, and sta
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This has too be the best movie i have ever seen, along with its sequel. They rok!!!!! I got them both for my birthday, and i have not stop watching them they are that good!!! Kate Beckinsale is an awesome chick, one of the best actresses i`ve ever seen, Scott Speedman is absolutely gorgeous and a brilliant actor, and Len Wiseman is the best director ever, he is my idol!!!. I cant believe it is the first movie he has directed. If that is how good his first movie is, i cannot wait to see more of them, coz this was absolutely brilliant. I am hooked!!!!
  • Underworld is the most astounding movie of all time! If there is anyone reading this who hated this movie you have no taste!Does anyone have any idea when the extended unrated 2 disc special edition version is due out in Australia? Please help I saw it on pay t.v and I loved it! I have been looking everywhere for it as I don`t want to buy it on Ebay or anything like that.Thanks 4 ur time:}
  • it`s one of the best films i have ever seen! kate Beckinsale ROCKS!
  • wikid! this movie portrays vampyres and "lycans" perfectly!!! double thumbs up!
  • best movie of all time! why do people write horrible things about it? Cause they have no taste!I live in australia and the critics hate the sequel! They are giving it 1 or 2 out of ten!The sequel isn`t as good as the original but is still awesome and i give it 8 out of 10.The original underworld is my fave movie [tied with van helsing!]SO STOP BAD-MOUTHING UNDERWORLD!IT`S THE BEST MOVIE IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY!
  • best movie. why are people saying bad things about it? it`s the ultimately best movie eva[tied with van helsing]! the sequel is awesome but not as good as the original but is still in my opinion the 2nd best movie in the world!kate beckinsale is the best actress and her hubby len wisemen is hot! underworld rocks this world !so why are critcs dissing it? obviously don`t know the best movie in the world when they see it! UNDERWORLD RULZ 4 EVA!
  • best film in the entire world. 5 stars!


Genre:  Action/Adventure, Horror
Running Time:  121 min.
Release Date: September 19, 2003
DVD: January 6, 2004 - May 25, 2004 (Extended Edition)
Netflix: March 31, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 4.39
based on 15299 votes and 183 reviews
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Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Shane Brolly, Erwin Leder, Bill Nighy