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Current Rating: 4.58

Current Rating: 4.58

based on 24 votes and 12 reviews

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  • 4 stars Loved the movie. The movie gave me an insight into how and why different sketches were aired, which I never really gave much thought to. I just enjoyed the calm, peaceful, caring way he shone on television.
  • 4 stars WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? - Mr. Fred Rogers Documentary, is a very touching look at a man who lived by his values, morals and passion. By 1968 TV programming for children was often silly, violent and used as a venue for marketing. Not much has changed, except for the gems along the way. Mr. Rogers was one of those gems. Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister, who first produced the show at Pittsburgh public television station WQED. He felt compelled to get into TV so that he could teach children and send a message of kindness, caring, hope, love and acceptance. I was impressed by the fact that YoYo Ma learned much from Mr Rogers, who became a lifelong friend and mentor. Ma's son, Nicolas, is one of the producers of this film. He had met Mr. Rogers as a youth and you can see that Fred had a profound impact on Nicolas. This documentary uses clips from the show and present-day interview with his wife, two sons and many of people who worked with Mr. Rogers. Their love and respect for this soft-spoken man still resonates. Fred Rogers, had his signature sweater, shoes, voice, mannerisms, puppets, TV sets and friends. He addressed issues of racisms, special needs, death, violence and the importance of being open minded and accepting of everyone, despite differences. His was genuine and would not think to say no, if he was called upon to help: there is great footage of Fred Rogers addressing the American Senate, defending the need for more money for Public Broadcasting. Fred Rogers truly understood what was going on inside the minds of children and he treated them with such love and respect. I had tears in my eyes as he spoke with one young wheelchair dependant fan. I was in awe as he explained how superheroes are not real, that people do bad things (the assassination of Bobby Kennedy), that bad things do happen in this world (9/11, the explosion of the Apollo). At times this movie is slow, but it a reflection of Mr. Rogers, who preferred to talk slowly
  • 5 stars This is a documentary worth seeing. It was well put together. It was nice to see how well everyone got along on set. There was also some funny moments. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.
  • 3 stars A chance for the viewers to see how truly genuine Mr. Rogers was. His speech before Congress shows that you don’t have to loud to be powerful.
  • 5 stars A brilliant documentary! Mr. Rogers message if love, kindness, tolerance and inclusion was a gift to the world. This film has perfectly captured the essence and philosophy of this gentle, compassionate man. 143 Mr. Rogers!
  • 5 stars You don't need to be a documentary fan to love this film. Fred Rogers was a man of conviction who truly believed that the way to a better life was to help and love your fellow man. He had the courage to fight for his convictions and thus enriched the life of millions. This movie is inspirational. In his own words, I love as you are.
  • The film was actually quite interesting and well documented. I used to watch Mr. Rogers with my kids so I am familiar with the topic.
  • 5 stars Well made documentary that was insightful into the philosophy of Fred Rogers. It shows that his message is still relevant today.
  • 5 stars We need Mr Rogers now more than ever
  • 5 stars Amazing movie. Very interesting how an idea can grow into a belief with such a strong foundation, giving a voice to those who need it most.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  94 min.
In theatres:
June 8, 2018 - Toronto
June 15, 2018 - Expands

Current rating: Rating: 4.58
based on 24 votes and 12 reviews
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Cast: Fred Rogers