Sean Maher Interview - Much Ado About Nothing

Working on the film Much Ado About Nothing was something of a personal project for Sean Maher, who got to reunite with director Joss Whedon. The pair worked together on the series Firefly, and its subsequent film Serenity. But it wasn’t just a reunion for Maher and Whedon because much of the cast of Much Ado About Nothing was made up of actors that Whedon has worked with in the past, including Amy Acker, Chris Gregg and Nathan Fillion.

Tribute’s Soriyya Bawa sat down to chat with Maher about taking on the classic Shakespeare comedy, which was shot in black and white over 12 days in the unlikeliest of locations.



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  1. alana on September 8, 2012 5:53 pm Reply

    love the interview. The chair has got to go. 😀

  2. NYPinTA on September 8, 2012 9:55 pm Reply

    Yes, that chair was awful. Pretty damn distracting while watching one hell of a pretty damn actor.

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