Hayden Christensen & Akon Interview - American Heist

Hayden Christensen and Akon talk about the bond between real life brothers — as well as friends who are like brothers — and how if you don't surround yourself with the right people things can go very wrong. Hayden and Akon crack up while describing Akon's first day on set, in which Adrien Brody, who plays Hayden's brother, found out what Akon's idea of method acting was.

Interview by Zain Meghji, Tribute Entertainment Media Group


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  1. RKate on September 24, 2014 11:38 am Reply

    So great to see Hayden's pure candor in this interview as well as Akon's honesty with his acting experience! I've heard a lot about the film from friends who live in Canada and they tell me the "glue" between Hayden and Adrien was so engrossing you got into the "brother relationship" very strongly. They also said that Akon has a good presence on screen for someone who has never acted before in his life, so I am looking forward to seeing this film...several times! (We have a local Hayden Christensen Fan Club her and all 62 of us go see his films when they are here!)

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