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1,591 Views | 2:42 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

Taken from the novelette by Isaac Asimov, this is the tale of a robot who breaks free from the hard-wired programming that previously enslaved it. But, he's still cast in the "Danger Will Robinson" mode as there are three rules of robot-dom that are as inescapable as Microsoft programming: 1) Neither by action or inaction is he allowed to see any harm come to one of those human being things; 2) He's got to follow all human commands unless they are in conflict with rule number one; 3) By no account should the robot allow harm to come to itself unless by protecting itself it violates rule number one or two. (Man, those rules are more complicated than Star Fleet's Prime Directive.)

Anyway, with all these conflicting program directives going on, our robot still has to find a niche amongst the human race where he can live in peace.


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