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'Boy Erased' Trailer

2:25 | Uploaded on Jul 17, 2018

In the trailer for Boy Erased, when Jared (Lucas Hedges) comes out to his parents, his father (Russell Crowe) tells him he can't live under their roof if he is gay. They sign him up for a church-run gay conversion program, which teaches him to "fake it" until he makes it. He's told God won't love him the way he is. A gay friend advises him to tell everyone what they want to hear, unless he really thinks he can change, or if he wants to change. When the program leader (Joel Edgerton) asks Jared to tell his father how much he hates him during a role-playing exercise, the teen refuses. By the end of the trailer, we see that Jared's mother (Nicole Kidman) realizes they can't change Jared and admits that even though she loves God, she also loves her son, while his father struggles with whether he's ready to lose Jared. 


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