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Cell - Official Trailer

19,654 Views | 2:19 | Uploaded on Apr 26, 2016

The first official trailer for the sci-fi horror flick Cell depicts humanity's blind reliance on cell phones, each of its six billion users taking for granted the powerful technology which connects them all.

One such user includes traveling artist Clay Riddell (John Cusack), who just landed in an airport, and is video chatting with his young son. He curses his phone as it suddenly drops the call, but it's not just his that's disconnected. He scans the area - something isn't right. Every cell phone user surrounding him is foaming at the mouth, quickly turning savage and rabid.

The airport - and the world - is in utter chaos. Clay and a group of seemingly unaffected citizens escape into a subway train. Clay warns a fellow passenger, "Don't use your cell phone." A virus contracted from cellular devices has infected a large portion of the world's population and they are no longer humans, but mindless, vicious animals. Clay is determined to get to his son, but first, he must eradicate this deadly epidemic, and he enlists the help of a few determined citizens (Samuel L. Jackson, Isabelle Fuhrman) to do so.


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