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924 Views | 2:04 | Uploaded on Feb 22, 2021

Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone), 18, has night terrors that keep her from sleeping through the night. Rather than sleep at her abusive home, she couch surfs at friends' places and even tries sleeping in a playground, but nothing helps. Her lack of sleep finds her constantly nodding off in class, which makes her worry about her grades.

She finds out about a university sleep experiment that's looking for volunteers and agrees to participate. During the experiment, she will be monitored at night for a few weeks, via the high-tech gear attached to her head so that her nocturnal brainwaves can be analyzed by a team of graduate students led by Jeremy (Landon Liboiron) and Dr. Meyer (Christopher Heatherington). However, Sarah's nightmares get even worse as she participates in the study.


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