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GravyTrain Trailer

28,826 Views | 1:41 | Uploaded on May 31, 2013

Gypsy Creek's #1 cop Charles Gravytrain believes in Truth, Justice and revenging his Pop's death by slapping the no good crook Jimmy Fish Eyes in the slammer for life! And with the help of his foxy partner, hot shot cop, Miss Uma Booma, he may do just that.

But after the dynamic duo get framed and reeled in to star in avant-garde Filmmaker Hansel Suppledick's latest Snuff film things get real fishy, real fast. Will Chuck and Uma bust the case wide open or will Fish Eyes turn Gypsy Creek into a town permanently "Gone Fishin'?!"

Hop on board the GravyTrain and get ready for some stinky secrets and slippery surprises in this all out eccentric comedy that will constantly keep you guessing, "Where's the Fish?"

  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Niagara Falls, Ontario with a mostly Canadian cast and crew.


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