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Gridlocked - Official Trailer (2016)

3,485 Views | 2:06 | Uploaded on Jun 14, 2016

The trailer for the fast-paced action action movie Gridlocked kicks off as etalk host Danielle Graham reports on a recent celebrity gossip story, saying, "And in entertainment news, actor Brody Walker is making headlines after a video leaked online shows an intoxicated Walker attempting to drive himself home." As Danielle speaks, we see footage of this actor (Cody Hackman) punching a member of the paparazzi who's filming the events being described.

The action of the trailer rages on and it's revealed that as a consequence for his actions, Brody is sentenced to shadow cop David Hendrix (Dominic Purcell). But as the two get to know each other (and David makes it clear he doesn't want to babysit Brody), we're informed that bonds are hidden in a facility that mercenaries are about to descend upon. As punches are thrown and shots fired, Brody and David must band together to fight off the attackers.


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