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Heidi Trailer (2016)

1,776 Views | 1:31 | Uploaded on Jun 24, 2016

When her Aunt Dete gets a job in Germany, Heidi, a sensitive and high-spirited orphan, has to go live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. Her grandfather, a man who doesn’t like people, is initially reluctant to have her stay, but he slowly warms up to the little girl. As the months go by, Heidi begins to love her new home and spending time outside on the beautiful mountain with her new friend, Peter the goatherd.

Her happy days are cut short when Dete returns and takes Heidi to Frankfurt to live with a wealthy family. Heidi meets Clara, a paraplegic girl who notices that Heidi, despite efforts to remain cheerful, is homesick for her grandfather, Peter and the Alps.


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