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Kilo Two Bravo Trailer

11,985 Views | 1:32 | Uploaded on Sep 08, 2015

In 2006, a small group of British paratroopers are positioned on a hill in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan with the goal of disabling a Taliban roadblock.

Although they can't see any Taliban fighters, when a few locals amble by, there's no certainty that they're just ordinary locals and not Taliban in disguise. The soldiers know that years earlier, in the 1980s, the Russians planted a lot of land mines that have yet to be set off.

One day, when they send a patrol out into the local valley, one of their company is injured by a land mine. Surrounded by land mines, the soldiers have no safe way out of the area. The men try to keep their morale up, their comrades alive and avoid getting blown up until they can figure a way out.


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