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Kong: Skull Island - Official Final Trailer

55,364 Views | 2:24 | Uploaded on Feb 28, 2017

In the epic final trailer for Kong: Skull Island, James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) lists all the ways one could die while exploring an uncharted island. Despite the warnings, a team of expeditioners offer him a sum of money to lead them through the mysterious jungle (plus a bonus if they make it back). Once they make it to the island, they come face to face with the island’s largest resident, Kong. They try to shoot the giant gorilla, but are swatted out of the sky by the beast. Soon it is revealed that Kong is not the only monster on the island, and that the real "devil" (Skullcrawlers) lurks below. The action ensues, and we get a final shot of Kong’s victorious roar after going up against two Skullcrawlers. 


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