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17,000 Views | 2:25 | Uploaded on May 29, 2013

After she successfully disarmed a threat against the Miss United States Pageant while working undercover as a contestant, FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) became an overnight media sensation. Things haven't been going so well for her lately. Reeling from a broken romance and frustrated to find her newfound fame is jeopardizing the undercover work she loves, Gracie reluctantly agrees to serve the Bureau in the only way now possible: coifed and styled for the talk show circuit as "the face of the FBI." Though resistant at first, Gracie soon warms to the attention and it's not long before she's getting into her new role a little too much.

Her partner Sam Fuller (Regina King), a tough, ambitious agent who is clearly not her biggest fan, is the first to point out that the pampered Bureau star is turning into FBI Barbie. But when Gracie's best friend, pageant winner Cheryl (Heather Burns) and emcee Stan Fields (William Shatner) are kidnapped in Las Vegas, Gracie's crime-fighting instincts kick back in. Not wanting to risk losing their greatest PR asset, the FBI top brass forbid her to get involved and charge Sam with keeping her in line. But when it comes to breaking a difficult case and helping her friends, there's nothing Gracie won't do.


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