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1:49 | Uploaded on Feb 20, 2024

Judith (Ally Maki) is Japanese Canadian; her husband Steve (Luke Roberts) is white. They’re having communication problems, so they decide to attend a family retreat on the Pacific coast where their two young daughters can hang out and have a good time with other children while their parents take part in group-therapy sessions.

But the unhappiness that their mother feels begins to project itself over the whole family. Stephanie (Nyha Breitkreuz), 11, starts acting out, while six-year-old Emmy (Remy Marthaller) struggles to fit in with the other children and feels left out when Stephanie begins to hang out with older kids.

Judith becomes fascinated by another couple, Carol (Sarah Gadon) and Pat (Chris Pang), especially the latter, to whom she feels an attraction, which leads her to believe that saving her marriage might not be in her own best interest, despite Steve's efforts to make her happy and save their children's emotional well-being.


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