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Tale of Tales - Official Trailer

1:55 | Uploaded on May 10, 2016

The official trailer for Tale of Tales opens to light, enchanted music and the following voiceover: "Every new life calls for a life to be lost. The equilibrium of the world must be maintained. Are you willing to accept the risk?" We see a man who appears to be a monk of sorts is speaking these words. Picturesque imagery plays out thereafter - fog gently rolling off calm waters, a welcoming and quaint village waking to a new day - typical of most beloved fairy tale adaptations. But the warmth ends there.

The music changes and an ominous tone takes over as various fairy tales are woven into the story, all with a sinister element to them. Grotesque, unearthly creatures are featured, a menacing cackle echos out and a woman appears to be feasting on an organ. The words, "Experience the stories your parents never told you," pop up towards the end of the trailer to solidify the chilling and twisted ride this film promises to take viewers on.


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