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The Birth of a Nation - Official Trailer 2

17,473 Views | 2:36 | Uploaded on Jun 22, 2016

The second official trailer for The Birth of a Nation opens on a young black child named Nathaniel being told, "You got purpose." However, when he attempts to pull out a book, a wealthy white woman tells the boy, "These books are for white folks. They're full of things your kind wouldn't understand."

The boy, still a slave, grows up to become a preacher, and looks on in concern as his fellow slaves are cruelly punished. Nathaniel is coerced by his master to preach to the slaves to "Submit yourselves to your masters. Not only to the ones who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh." After attempting to give a gift to a small white child, the father of the child strikes Nat's hands with a weapon. When Nat grabs the weapon in an act of resistance, he's brutally whipped. Nat then tells the slaves he has received visions from the Lord telling him good must rise against evil. The slaves plan to join together and rise up to fight injustice.


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