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2:21 | Uploaded on May 22, 2023

In this musical adaptation based on the book by Alice Walker, the story follows Celie (Fantasia Barrino), an African-American woman living in the South who has had two babies, each of which were taken away by her father (also the father of her babies) and given away. When her father sells her to Mister (Colman Domingo), he turns his sights on his other daughter, Nettie (Halle Berry), whom Mister wanted. When Nettie runs away and joins Celie, Mister allows her to stay — until she refuses his advances. The misogynistic Mister throws Nettie out, warning her never to return. The two sisters, who love each other, are heartbroken at having to be apart.

Celie, too meek to speak up for herself, spends years being mistreated by Mister. After finding a friend in performer Shug Avery (Taraji P. Henson), Celie gets closer to her dream of seeing her sister again.


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