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The Jungle Book (1967) Trailer

688 Views | 1:08 | Uploaded on Oct 03, 2015

A young orphan, Mowgli, is found in a basket in the jungles of India. He is discovered by a black panther, Bagheera, who takes him to a mother wolf. Along with her cubs, he is raised in the jungle and becomes one with the wildlife.

When a ferocious Bengal tiger makes his way back to the jungle, the animals decide that in order to protect Mowgli, they must take him to the "man-village." After a fight between Mowgli and Bagheera, Mowgli is left on his own in the jungle, but soon finds a fun-loving friend Baloo, a sloth bear.

When Mowgli is captured by a gang of monkeys, it is up to Baloo and Bagheera to come together to help find him and ultimately, decide if the jungle is the right place for the young boy.


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