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The Mummy - Official Trailer 2

5,019 Views | 2:36 | Uploaded on Apr 03, 2017

In the official trailer for The Mummy, several gunshots ring out and explosions are featured as several individuals engage in heated battle. It's unclear exactly where the action is unfolding, but it appears to be somewhere in the Middle East.

As the trailer continues to the tune of "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones, members of an archaeological team venture down into what they first deem to be a tomb. However, it's quickly determined that it's a prison and a man played by Tom Cruise accidentally awakens an ancient princess. We learn that "she was named Ahmanet, chosen to by Egypt's next queen. But her thirst for power led her down a darker path, one that had to be stopped."

The action-packed trailer introduces us to a character played by Russell Crowe and concludes by teasing the epic, intense showdown between Cruise and the mighty, menacing Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who aims to wreak havoc the world over. 


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