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'The Perfect Date' Trailer

2:36 | Uploaded on Apr 04, 2019

Brooks is your typical high school senior with big dreams of dating the school's most popular girl, driving the fanciest cars, and attending the prestigious Yale University. However, Brooks can't afford any of that as he comes from your typical middle-class family and works at a normal part-time job. However, one day he sees an opportunity to earn some cash and drive a fancy car when he offers his services as a chaperon for a classmate's sister. When the fake date pans out better than he expected, he's given the idea of creating an app for his services to other troubled wealthy girls. With a gig that pays well and can be customized to the needs of his clients, Brooks is able to live the life he has always wanted, but in the process begins to lose himself. When real feelings begin to develop, Brooks begins to understand just what it is that he truly wants.


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