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The Shack - Official Trailer (2017)

19,519 Views | 2:30 | Uploaded on Dec 21, 2016

A happy family, which includes mom Nan (Radha Mitchell), dad Mack (Sam Worthington) and daughter Missy (Amélie Eve), prepare to leave for their camping trip in the moving premiere trailer for The Shack. While on the trip, Missy is left to color on a picnic bench while Mack and Nan go fishing. Suddenly, someone asks, "Where's Missy?" after noticing she's no longer at the bench.

What was at first a fun family trip turns into a panicked hunt for Missy, as Mack frantically calls her name. The police are called, and Nan and Mack wait for any sign of their missing little girl. After a thorough search through the woods, the police find Missy's body in an abandoned shack. Distraught, Mack withdraws from his everyday life. Until one day he receives a letter inviting him to an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. When he arrives, he finds a group of strangers, Papa (Octavia Spencer), Jesus (Aviv Alush), and Sarayu (Sumire Matsubara), who help him discover a vibrant world of love and forgiveness he never knew existed. 


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