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Zoom - Official Trailer (2016)

4,224 Views | 1:49 | Uploaded on Jul 18, 2016

In the premiere trailer for the live-action-meets-animated comedy Zoom, we meet Bob (Tyler Labine) and Emma (Alison Pill), two loners working in a sex doll factory. Bob finds one of Emma's cartoons, a sexy superhero version of herself, and is surprised to discover how talented his seemingly unremarkable co-worker is.

Thanks to Bob's goading, Emma is then inspired to draw her dream man: a handsome and suave Hollywood director named Edward (Gael García Bernal). What she doesn't realize is that she, Edward, and an aspiring novelist named Michelle (Mariana Ximenes) are interconnected in a most unusual way. What Emma believes is her own creation, Edward, actually exists in an alternate universe, where he's trying to complete a movie about Michelle who also happens to be writing Emma's story.


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