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The Darkest Hour movie preview  video

The Darkest Hour movie preview

Emilie Hirsch and Max Minghella team up in the sci-fi thriller, The Darkest Hour. Filmed entirely on location in the Soviet Union, the movie follows a group of young adults struggling to survive after a harrowing experience.

January 24, 2014
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie preview video

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie preview

One of the most anticipated films of the holiday season is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, based on the popular novel of the same name. The film stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara and features Joely Richardson who was thrilled to be a part of such a  prestigious project. Discredited journalist...

January 24, 2014
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol movie preview  video

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol movie preview

Tom Cruise is back as secret agent Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and this time around, he and his new team go rogue to clear their organization's name. The action-packed film is directed by Brad Bird - who said he was completely spoiled working with the A-list actor.

January 24, 2014
Man On a Ledge movie preview video

Man On a Ledge movie preview

Jamie Bell, whom we recently enjoyed in the motion capture family film The Adventures of Tin Tin, ramps it up in Man on a Ledge. Bell stars opposite Sam Worthington as the brother of the guy who winds up on top of a Manhattan hotel where he threatens to jump to his death.

January 24, 2014
Haywire movie preview  video

Haywire movie preview

Haywire is an action thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh about a black ops super soldier who seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. One of the film's stars is Michael Fassbender who says he has a pretty simple method on getting a grip on every character he plays.

January 24, 2014
Red Tails movie preview video

Red Tails movie preview

Terrence Howard heads up an impressive cast in the drama, Red Tails. In the film, a  crew of African American pilots having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, are called into duty. Bryan Cranston, who also stars in Red Tails, is one of the hardest working...

January 23, 2014
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy movie preview  video

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy movie preview

Based on the popular John le Carre novel, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy follows espionage veteran George Smiley (played by Gary Oldman) who is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within his organization. The film also stars an array of talented British actors who Oldman says all...

January 23, 2014
Beauty And The Beast 3D movie preview video

Beauty And The Beast 3D movie preview

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast makes a comeback to the big screen in 3D. Belle is voiced by Oscar winner Paige O'Hara and the Beast is voiced by Robby Benson.

January 23, 2014
Wanderlust movie preview  video

Wanderlust movie preview

Wanderlust is a new comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, who play a married couple who try to escape modern society by leaving their cushy lives in New York. Paul Rudd whom we recently saw in Our Idiot Brother has a knack when it comes to comedy and discovered he was a pretty funny guy...

January 23, 2014
This Means War movie preview video

This Means War movie preview

In This Means War, Reese Witherspoon has to choose between two top CIA operatives who wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman. Reese, who recently wed in real life for the second time, tells us how she found a balance when it came to finding love.

January 23, 2014
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie preview  video

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie preview

Josh Hutcherson reprises his role as adventurous teen Sean Anderson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. This time he joins Dwayne Johnson on a mission to find his grandfather, who is thought to be missing on a mythical island. The books, based loosely on the Jules Verne novel, continuously inspire...

January 23, 2014
We Need To Talk About Kevin movie preview video

We Need To Talk About Kevin movie preview

Based on the best selling novel, "We Need To Talk About Kevin" is a gripping thriller psychological thriller that explores the tense relationship between a mother and her son. Tilda Swinton plays the mother, Eva, as she contends for 15 years with the increasing malevolence of her first-born child,...

January 23, 2014
Albert Nobbs movie preview  video

Albert Nobbs movie preview

How does a leading lady prepare to play the role of a man? For Glenn Close, it was researching some legendary funny men. She stars in (and produced) the period piece Albert Nobbs, based on the play about a 19th century Irish woman who disguises herself as a male butler.

January 23, 2014
The Vow movie preview video

The Vow movie preview

In The Vow, a car accident puts a young woman, played by Rachel McAdams, in a coma. When she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband works tirelessly to win back her heart. Canada's own Scott Speedman also plays a pivotal role in the film.

January 23, 2014
Goon movie preview video

Goon movie preview

He shoots...he scores!!! Goon is a new hockey comedy about a bouncer played by Seann William Scott who overcomes long odds to lead a team of underperforming misfits to semi-pro hockey glory. For co-writer and star Jay Baruchel, getting this movie made was like living the dream, not only...

January 23, 2014
John Carter movie preview video

John Carter movie preview

Willem Dafoe has starred in dozens of movies, but nothing has challenged him quite like his role in John Carter. Former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is transported to Mars and he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people lies in his hands.

January 23, 2014
Jeff, Who Lives At Home movie preview  video

Jeff, Who Lives At Home movie preview

Jeff, Who Lives At Home is the latest from sibling writers/directors Jay and Mark Duplass. It stars Jason Segel and Ed Helms in a story of family dynamics and emerging self-awareness. Jeff searches for meaning in life and uses the signs around him to help determine his path.

January 23, 2014
Wrath of the Titans movie preview  video

Wrath of the Titans movie preview

Action star Sam Worthington knows how to keep busy. He's back on the big screen in the much anticipated sequel "Wrath of the Titans" and promises that this time Perseus has some life--changing challenges he must face.

January 23, 2014
Mirror Mirror movie preview  video

Mirror Mirror movie preview

Last seen in J.Edgar opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, the talented Armie Hammer is keeping busy with numerous film roles. This month you can catch him opposite Julia Roberts and Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror. Directed by visionary Tarsem Singh, the film is about an evil queen who steals control of a...

January 23, 2014
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen movie preview video

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen movie preview

Director Lasse Hallström puts his unique touch on the comedy, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Based on the best selling novel, Ewen McGregor stars as a fisheries scientist who finds himself saddled with the task of introducing salmon fishing to the Highlands of Yemen.

January 23, 2014