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Bakery in Brooklyn - Official Trailer

293 Views | 1:29 | Uploaded on Jan 19, 2017

After inheriting their Aunt Isabelle's Brooklyn boulangerie, cousins Vivien (Aimee Teegarden) and Chloe (Krysta Rodriguez) cannot agree on how to run the neighborhood staple. Chloe wants to completely rebrand, while Vivien is determined to keep everything the same.

Their strained relationship is only made worse by their dysfunctional romantic entanglements. Chloe is currently dating a hotheaded chef and Vivien is with a banker (Ward Horton) who also happens to have it out for their bakery.

To help quash their dispute, they come up with a strange idea: divide the shop in half with a black line down the middle and run each side the way they see fit. It's an ill-advised business plan that only leaves the cousins fighting for every customer that comes in the shop. But when the changing neighborhood and outside forces threaten to shut them down for good, Chloe and Vivien are forced to put aside their differences and work together to save their beloved bakery.

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