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Frantz - Official Trailer

4,119 Views | 2:01 | Uploaded on Aug 22, 2016

In the official trailer for Frantz, a young German woman named Anna Hoffmeister (Paula Beer) kneels at the grave of her fiance Frantz. We're informed that it's 1919 Germany, and soon after, we see that a mysterious Frenchman named Adrien Rivoire (Pierre Niney) regularly visits Frantz's grave as well. As Anna and Adrien eventually exchange words, it's revealed that Adrien knew Frantz, that they spent time together in France, and that Frantz left a deep impact on Adrien.

As the trailer continues, flashbacks to the times Adrien and Frantz shared together are illuminated. But it also becomes clear that a romance between Adrien and Anna is beginning to bud. The pair go on walks in the country together, dance and enjoy tender moments by a lake.

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