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Minions Trailer

101,159 Views | 3:13 | Uploaded on Jul 03, 2015


Minions have known to exist since the beginning of time.  The minions are first seen to be stranded on a beach.  There, they encounter a T-Rex who becomes friendly with them until one of them accidently let go of a giant rock, rolling the T-Rex and making it fall off the cliff, presumably killing him.  They then meet a caveman, ancient Egyptians and Napoleon, causing silly accidents. Three of the minions - Kevin, Stuart and Bob - get stranded on a boat when they reach New York City in 1968. They travel through the city until they decide to take a road trip to Orlando.  They meet a family who kindly drives them over, heading to “Villain Con.”  There they meet Scarlett Overkill (voice of Sandra Bullock), a stylish villain who lets them live in her place.

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