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PENGUIN BLOOM Movie Clip - "Luckiest Man Alive"

10 Views | 0:44 | Uploaded on Jan 21, 2021

Australian Sam Bloom (Naomi Watts) is enjoying a blissful vacation in Thailand when a horrifying accident sends her falling several stories down to the pavement. Life changes in an instant for her, but also for her husband, Cameron (Andrew Lincoln), and their three children. Back home, Sam struggles to adjust to her limitations, while her family struggles to cope with what has happened and the changes Sam's new disability has brought to their home.

When Sam's son Noah (Griffin Murray-Johnston) takes in a wounded magpie and names it Penguin for its black-and-white feathers, Sam is less than enthusiastic. But she soon sees parallels in her life and that of the magpie, and begins to care for the little bird. Forced to see that she's not the only one hurting, Sam realizes that she needs to be strong for her family, especially her children, as she makes the difficult adjustment from what she was once capable of, to what she can still do in her new life.


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