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Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real
3.33 stars
34 votes
3.33 user rating
Rio 2

Rio 2
5 stars
20 votes
5 user rating

3.17 stars
14 votes
3.17 user rating
God's Not Dead

God's Not Dead
3.86 stars
70 votes
3.86 user rating

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User Reviews

Hollywood Homicide

  Josh Hartnett is the reason I became an actress.

The Little Rascals Save the Day

  The year's best comedy!

The Amazing Spider-Man

  They can't possibly make a sequel to this dreck...can they?


  You can watch this 2 star version or the original 5 star one. No contest to which one is best. Just another example of non creatives taking something good screwing it up.

The Amazing Spider-Man

  Stick with the original.

The Raid 2: Berandal

  Best action movie in years.

God's Not Dead

  Excellent movie.


  Unwatchable but still better than Chronicle. If camera-shake found-video films are your thing, then go for it.


  terrible movie; walked out before it was over; not at all as told in the Bible.

Heaven is for Real

  I read the book,Love it, helps to give answers!It's great to see the movie!

God's Not Dead

  Excellent movie. Well done.

Best Night Ever

  Good Movie!


  I love Kevin Durant!!!

The Tree of Life

  What a bunch of nonsense.

God's Not Dead

amazing movie .. we need more of these movies


  Literally awful. Could have been called 'Waterworld' meets 'Transformers'.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  If you are over 24 - complete utter shit. It amazes me how easily the word great get tossed around.

Bad Words

  Great time in the theatre. Good story, funny writing and great performances.


  I was soooo disappointed. It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Noah wanted to kill his new born twins?? It is one thing to be creative, but watching this scene was soooo difficult. I really wanted to leave the theater before it was finished. SAVE YOUR MONEY.


Really feel bad about those people who were tricked by those false ratings (more than 80% of people rated this movie with 4 or 5 stars, this should be the best movie in the human history if all these 4,000 people are telling you the truth) and waste their money and time to watch this movie. Hope this won't happen again as a good movie does not needs to use this kind of trick to get money from people's pocket. If you have watched the discovery channel, those background look so familiar. The most expensive portion to make this movie is to pay Sandra and George, the rest is nothing. What s shame!


how can this terrible movie has so many people rated with 5 star, this is really ridiculous as this is totally a make up result by a group of people who has done it on purpose.


  Go to Home Hardware and buy a can of paint and a brush.Now go home and paint anything,sit back and watch it dry.Much more entertaining than Noah


  why call this movie Noah,was the worst depiction of a Biblical movie I have seen.

The Raid 2: Berandal

  All action good story line , saw the first one good, this one out of this world. Not for young adults for sure.

God's Not Dead

  Such a refreshing movie, well done and extremely enjoyable.

God's Not Dead

  Just from reading the intro you know that this is a movie for people who wilfully chose to be morons.


  found myself drifting off thinking about other things that i needed to do that day,not a very exciting movie,really didn't care about the cast or what was happening to them.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

  I would have given this no stars if I could have. It is a movie that drags on and on. If my companion had suggested we leave, I would have. Throughout much of the movie I looked at the time, wished I could text, or sleep. It was awful. Total waste of money and time.

God's Not Dead

Amazing Movie!

Grudge Match

  sad to see studs like De Niro and Stallone make a mockery of themselves in the cheese-filled movie. Sad Sad Sad


  Tense, tense, tense! What a fantastic, edge of your seat film!!! Truly engaging, thought provoking, and what an ending! Blu-ray purchase for sure!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - An IMAX 3D Experience

  Won't make you forget the Matt Salinger version.

Detroit Rock City

  If you're a Nirvana fan you simply must see this movie. All the hits are here and more.

Maid in Manhattan

  The lead actress was very pretty.


  The best action movie since Steven Seagal's Glimmer Man. If they make a sequel I'm there!

Muppets Most Wanted

  Kermit seemed drunk throughout and I'm sure Fozzie was on something!

Justin Bieber's Believe

  My friends and I camped out overnight to be first to get the blu-ray but none of the stores seem to have it.

Out of the Furnace

  stupid, stupid ending. Director is now on "do not watch list".

Le Week-End

  Hated it. Watching two people being cruel, with the wife more often abusive, isn't fun or funny. Dull, painful, long and ultimately no pay off. Hated it. I've said it twice because it needs to be said at least that many times.

God's Not Dead

  Powerful and amazing!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

  The most bizarre movie I have ever seen. I kept waiting for the movie to start. My friend and I laughed for an hour after to think that we wasted the time to see it.

The Raid 2: Berandal

  leave it to foreign cinema to create one of the best action movies north american cinema has seen for a fraction of the price Hollywood would take to produce a film of this caliber. You will need to watch the first one since this one picks up right after. Extremely entertaining with excellent action-fighting choreography

The Lunchbox

  Really enjoyed this movie. Everything was great from the story, to the acting, to the script. Totally recommend it.


  Well done! Fascinating movie with a truly disturbing ending. Would see it again.


  This movie is very boring and long. Not that scary. I wanted to leave the theatre after half an hour but stayed for the entire movie hopefully the next hour is more interesting

God's Not Dead

  best movie I HAVE EVER seen.

God's Not Dead

  Never even watched this movie but I have to give it 2 stars because how the hell do you have Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain in the same movie and not have it be Hercules vs. Superman?! Here's my money, where's my seat? Seriously, come on Hollywood, get your act together.


  Better than Hunger Games.


  not as good as I'd hoped,but worth watching. Wait for DVD.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Who doesn't love Captain Marvel?

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