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In theatres July 31, 2015
540 views | 2:25
Rating: 4.00

A terminally ill elderly billionaire (Ben Kingsley) who is dying from cancer buys a chance for eternal...

Hugh Jackman (Chappie)

In theatres March 6, 2015
102 views | 2:14
Rating: 1.00

Hugh Jackman tells us how he got involved with the film Chappie and what sets it apart from other science-fiction movies. He also discusses why he likes working with director Neill Blomkamp and says fans of action films will love the scope of this movie.

Sigourney Weaver (Chappie)

In theatres March 6, 2015
75 views | 2:13
Rating: 1.00

Sigourney Weaver tells us what a pleasure director Neill Blomkamp was to work with on the sci-fi film Chappie, what it was like working with co-star Hugh Jackman, and describes how the film tells wonderful, original story that audiences will never forget.

Loitering With Intent

In theatres March 13, 2015 - Toronto
478 views | 2:21
no reviews

Out-of-work actors Raphael (Ivan Martin) and Dominic (Michael Godere), looking for their big break, ...

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