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Hercules 3D

Hercules 3D
3.69 stars
38 votes
3.69 user rating

3.25 stars
98 votes
3.25 user rating
And So it Goes

And So it Goes
4.75 stars
8 votes
4.75 user rating
The Purge: Anarchy

The Purge: Anarchy
4.03 stars
72 votes
4.03 user rating

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Black Nativity


Fifty Shades of Grey

  People are getting far too worked up about a is just that AND at least there are no heads or bodies being blown up !!! Chill people or just don't go to see it !! My problem with the movie is that you have the WRONG PERSON TO PORTRAY "CHRISTIAN". The premise in the book is such that Christian is absolutely GORGEOUS and everywhere he goes....women stare. This will NOT HAPPEN because your leading man IS NOT and I NOT DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and for that simple mistake.......the movie will be a bust. Chris Pine, DAVID GANDY (my personal pick) and men like that would have been superb in this role. WHY OH WHY.......I am so disappointed in the Christian you picked !!!


  Perhaps the people who rated this movie poorly are extremely religious and do not like how Noah was portrayed but keep in mind, that even in your Bible, he was human. Dark, gritty, and suspenseful. No Russel Crowe movie deserves anything less than 5 stars. A must see!

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

want to watch it


  Great movie from start to finish, tip of the iceberg when it comes to our own understanding as human beings, deep and entertaining! must watch


  Saw Limitless, not the same, yet equally awesome, trailed off at the very end, no problem, best movie ever.


  Easy to see this is Scarlett's best movie ever.


  Thanks RICHMOND HILL S.C. I LOVE MORGAN FREEMAN, my husband loves Scarlett, both were spectacular. Action was intense up until the last 10 minutes. While Scientists have proved that Evolution according to Darwins Theory is a whimsical fairy theory it was amusing since most men act like apes, lol.


  It was very good. Violent, but the visual effects were great.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

  very good movie! worth the watch.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

  Don't waste your time watching it. Total garbage

Man of Steel 3D

Would make a great double bill with I, Frankenstein.

The Legend of Hercules

  The legend comes to vivid life in the year's biggest, most spectacular adventure!


  Had a good time watching this one. Love Melissa.


  I thought it was very funny. Big fan of Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon they were great. Feel good movie has enough laughs. Great ending.


  Seemed to have potential in first half. Second half was just strange...not in a good way.


  The Hercules movie to see is The Legend of Hercules, not this piece of tripe.


  crappy story


  First 1/2 hour showed promise, then it jumped the shark

Cuban Fury

  I was mainly watching it because I liked TV shows or movies with Chris O'Dowd or Nick Frost in. But this one was lacking everything I would have expected otherwise. The plot and acting was below average, British humor almost did not show up at all. And the use of profanity made it even worse.

Fifty Shades of Grey

  A celebration and promotion of pain, rape, and the destruction of loving, healthy relationships. Disgusting filth. HOw on earth could anyone with a conscience think is is even remotely ok. Promoting violence and degradation of girls and women.

Fifty Shades of Grey

  None of my female friends will be watching this movie. Who wants to promote this theme: what insecure women really want is to be dominated, tortured, and used by really powerful men. Didn't we win that one already?


  I figured this would be a great movie. Morgan Freeman was at his best, like always, SJ was at the level I expect of her. Too bad the writers/producers didn't use at least 8% of their brain when putting it all together. Honestly disappointed. But the Actors make it to 3 stars but the film, hit rock bottom level


  My husband and I saw it twice and will buy it. We loved the twist on "true love" at the end. Having met her for 1 minute, the prince could not possibly be Aurora's true love, but after 16 years, Aurora's love for Maleficent heals her broken heart. This really is true love and much better than the original story.


  This is a silly premise and an idiotic movie. I don't go to movies of find the meaning of life, so don't give me all this phoney science and a stupid answer. I am appalled that some people saw any meaning or got any enjoyment out of this turd.

Edge of Tomorrow

  very pleasantly surprised. very good action pic!


  I did not go into the movie looking for a complicated, I wanted fun. This movie provided fun. Yes it is silly, but that is okay for an escape from reality, and not about someone trying to kill others, just a fun movie

X-Men: Days of Future Past

  I thought the movie was terrific and AWESOME for kids to enjoy. I liked it because Wolverine claws were way different than the original claws.


  The acting was amazing especially Dwayne Johnson!!!! Everybody should go see this movie.


  I anticipated that Lucy would be similar to the movie Limitless. There are some similarities as both movies are based on increased brain activity induced by drugs. However my intrepreation is that Lucy is more science fiction as well as spiritual. The science fiction characterist of the movie is when the character Lucy is transformed at the end of the movie. What I found most interesting and stimuulating about this movie is that using your mind you are able to envision the future that you desire and thereby being able to work through difficulties in life in order to achieve your goals.

And So it Goes

  Absolutely loved this movie!


  Even better than i expected. Easily as good as Catching Fire. Shailene Woodley can hold her own with J. Lawrence. Look forward to the next one, if there is one. Worth seeing again.

The Other Woman

  Nice to see a show with no foul language to speak of. Good story and liked the ending.Funny enough with serious moments. Liked Cameron Diaz much better in this movie than in Bad Teacher.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

  Awesome and epic! Can't wait for #3!

Mad Max: Fury Road

  Where's Mel Gibson?!?!


  Tom Hardy is at his best. You can feel his emotion; as he speaks, you believe and want everything he copes with in this movie to work out. You root for him in every sense.

Sex Tape

  Horrible, absolutely horrible No chemistry between Cameron Diaz and whatever his name is, not believable as a couple that is why not funny at all do not recommend

Blue Ruin

  Great movie a must see for a low budget well filmed

Hercules 3D

  I enjoyed it - but was surprised how short it was. It could have been longer.


  People who gave a low rating probably Cannot comprehend the capability of ones true self....drugs are a plenty at this person house maybe they can invite the cave man too watch this movie on netflick .....please with the comment capability of ones true has nothing to do with how badly the movie was made enough said


  Waste of time, completely stupid.

Jason X

  Classy entry in the ongoing series!

Sex Tape

  A throwback to the great Hollywood comedies of old!

Hercules: An IMAX 3D Experience

  Definitely a must-see in IMAX! People were cheering throughout the movie and we left the theater speculating as to where the filmmakers will go with the next one.

Sex Tape

  The operative word being 'few' good laughs which is not good for a 'comedy'. At best a rental, and at that even a waste of time ... not much here at all. Concept maybe was ok, but from there it all went wrong ...

Sex Tape

  we had a few good laughs..

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