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Defenitly one of the best movies I've seen all year! It was full of action and kept the audience laughing at the same time! Haven't met one person who didn't like yet! - GREAT MOVIE! GO SEE IT!

Transformers is the renaissance of the new old. It will be the new benchmark for all up coming sci-fi movies.

It was very good. Very cheesy but since it never tried to take itself seriously, all the cheesyness actually worked.

You will love it! Definitely! Guarantee!

Excellent! I never thought I would enjoy watching talking machines fight, it was fantastic!

worst movie of all time. lame plot. no story. just computer generated things blowing up for 2.5 hours. where has the creativity in movie gone?

the best movie ever

awsome going to see it again

Loved the movie. If you guys out there are deciding on what movie to watch on the big screen watch TRANSFOEMERS. I gave it 5 stars. I am gonna watch it again, and again. Mr. Bay you are the best director in the world. Can't wait for part two. A+++++...!!!!!!!

Best movie is the history of the universe. Period.