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Seen it with my 10 year old son and made me feel like a kid again... a must see!!!!

One of the best Sci-Fi movies ever created in the history of movie making! I think it is fantastic...

The quality of special effects are worth the ticket price. Nice pacing and variety of events taking place. Must be seen on a big screen to be fully appreciated.

You should transform and roll out to see this one!

Quite the show, the effects were steller, the story line pretty good. A must see for sure, can't wait for the next one!


Most definitely worth the 20-year wait. Tonight will be my third time having my mind and soul transformed.

This movie wasn't good it was TTTTTTEEEEEERRRRRIIIIFFFFFFIIICCCC!!!!!!!!! must watch in theatre. movir rating 5 stars. A++++++++++++++++


It was pretty cool when the Transformers transformed but thats about it.