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As a major Transformer Fan.....Kick A$$ movie. Wow....doesn't matter that Bay changed a few things from the cartoon...he changed it to update it...and it worked.

great effects but not for children - too much sexual content - can they not make a movie for kids without incorporating sex into it? It's supposed to be for young children - not horny men!

simply amazing. first half was better than the second, but it was still amazing. wow. worth seeing... might want to wait till the crazy lineups die down a bit


Will be the Top 100 action movie for sure. Sure second one will come. You miss it, you lost it.

Simply spectacular. Hands down the BEST movie I have seen in the past 5 years!!

amazing movie, i felt more for the robots themselves then the human race. then again it may have been because stupid americans, once again endanger the whole world.

The worst movie I have ever seenfor the last 5 years, don't expect any excitment, the story is ridiculous and stupid, better see the cartoon instead, Please don't waste your "MONEY" and "TIME", I guarantee that you will be totally disappointed.

I Loved it! Awesome fxs.

Wicked Movie!!!!