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my guys were brought up with the Transformers and I was totally blown away ..... what a great movie

It was an non-stop action from the beginning, it was such an awesome movie.

It was great. I took my son and his friends to see it and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Great action and a good story line!

a little disapointing, it would have been a better cartoon some of the scenes were so quick that you really couldn't see all the graphics and such .. altho I do have to say the graphics were wicked and performance of actors lacked some experience.. the girl is gorgeous but can't act it's worth seeing on the big screen

will see it a 2nd time.

one of the best classic cartoon put to live on screen...a job well done!!!


AMAZING. I really really hope there's a sequel... and soon!!!

Not good at piece of crap. I almost fell asleep in theaters. Good action tho, but still was not enough to satisfy me

un-freaking beleivable. To those "few" that are rating it badly, well, we all know where your taste in movies is. This is a movie I will never forget. I have already seen it 3 times and it wont be my lastt.