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Best movie I have ever seen for this summer. Full of action yahooo.... Well done.

Transformers were awesome in the eighties and they're still just as awesome today!

Awesome Movie.. it's about time!

A very good, excellent, and Awesome Movie. I'm glad the Transformers are back after a long absence. I used to watch the Cartoon, and play with the Toys when I was younger. WOW such a great Movie. It's definitely worth seeing over, and over again.

AMAZING MOVIE!!! TOTALLY ACTION PACKED WITH COMEDY. #1 movie of the summer #2 Live free or Die hard #3 F4:rotss


You had to know Spielberg had something to do with this masterpiece. It did not dissapoint at all.

Best movie I've ever seen. I didn't say this just because I am a fan. The fight scene is original and special effect is totally under a new platform compare to any movie I've seen. Guys who wants to watch this movie on pirate version are making a HUGE mistake!! This movie can truly be appreciated only on the Big screen. Yes, some actors were mediocre but the kid definitely stole the show.

Awesome stuff. Funny and action packed.

amazing sooo amazing