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Megan Fox was hot

so funny this is a action/comedy so funny the even steven guy ripped the movie. das a 10/10 movie. movie of the year. big up to optimus prime . R.I.P Jazz das ma homie :'(

There was something wrong with with the way it was shot the plot sucked

after long time such a awsome movie.

Great movie: action, story and dialog everything was good!

This is a movie worth seeing more than just once considering i grew up with the old school transformers from the 1980s

Finally a good action movie, I hope they make 10 more tranformers movies!!!!

the best movie ever

It Rocks best action movie since Episode 3 ROTS

Honestly, you don't have to know anything about 'Transformers' to enjoy it - simply AMAZING!! Great story, great actors, superb special effects, just enough laughs and this movie grabs you from start to finish and never lets go. Don't waste another minute, go see this movie, tell your friends, tell anyone that this is the MUST see movie of the year!!