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The best movie I have seen this year! Holy Cow! It was amazing...

2hrs. plus of TOTAL AWESOMENESS! I've heard some say it's hard to follow, but people said the same thing about Blade Runner.

Almost as thrilling and thought-provoking as INDEPENDENCE DAY.

This Movie is the best film of the summer. The graphics are amazing and the story was well written. TWO BIG WHOPPIN THUMBS UP!

Loved it, and I didn't even know a thing about transformers.

Great movie, lots of action and very funny, a must see for the summer.

I saw this movie yesterday at the 8pm showing and it's no lie that this is a summer blockbuster, this movie was really good. I thought the acting was really good it had lot's of action and it was really funny ay parts. Really there is no lie go see this movie and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

If you're 10 years old you may still be entertained by the mindless dialogue and two-dimensional characters, but unfortunately I'm 28. Michael Bay has proven once again that he is a close contender for the worst director ever. More slow motion strutting and good actors humiliating themselves than I could handle. Why do they keep giving him all this plum material? I put more life into my toys playing on the kitchen table than he did in this two-and-a-half hour 'blockbuster.' I had high hopes that Speiberg could rescue this one... maybe he had diarrhea that week they used actors. A message for all you foreign movie-goers: avoid reading the subtitles and you may enjoy this one...

best movie ever it was action packed and a lot of fun to watch go see this movie now!!!!!!!

Well done. Story and special effects are fantastic. A must see film will see it again. A fan of the 80s cartoon transformers movie has does it better then ever.