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Carrefour Langelier
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7305 Langelier
St-Leonard, QC,
H1S 1V7
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Showtimes for Tuesday, October 21

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Trailer | Rating: Les apparences (13+)
Tue, Oct 21:
1:00pm   3:45pm   6:40pm   9:25pm   

Trailer | Rating: C'est ici que l'on se quitte (13+)
Tue, Oct 21:

Trailer | Rating: Les gardiens de la galaxie (G)
Tue, Oct 21:

Trailer | Rating: Histoire de dauphin 2 (G)
Tue, Oct 21:

Trailer | Rating: Le justicier (16+ )
Tue, Oct 21:
1:00pm   3:20pm   5:35pm   7:00pm   9:25pm   

Trailer | Rating: L'épreuve : Le labyrinthe (13+)
Tue, Oct 21:
1:05pm   3:15pm   5:25pm   7:30pm   9:15pm   

Trailer | Rating: Les Tortues Ninja (G)
Tue, Oct 21:
1:20pm   3:15pm   5:15pm   7:15pm   9:15pm   

Trailer | Rating: Trolls en boîtes (G)
Tue, Oct 21:
1:10pm   3:10pm   5:10pm   

Trailer | Rating: Le voyage de cent pas (G)
Tue, Oct 21:
1:00pm   7:00pm