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Tribute gives you it all. Glamour, fashion, gossip, trivia and amazing contests! Over 1,800,000 readers turn to every issue of Tribute to enjoy its bold visual style, its informative and non-critical coverage of everything Hollywood. Distributed nine times a year to theaters across Canada, readers enjoy regular features such as movie previews, celebrity spotlights, contests, fashion tips, Hollywood gossip and our take on movie related books & music.

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Teen Tribute

Teen Tribute delivers the latest buzz on everything that is entertainment and teen culture. Published four times a year, Teen Tribute covers the latest buzz on everything teens are talking about. >From the latest movies, TV shows, teen celebrities, video games, and music; to advice columns, entertainment tips and fashion inspirations, Teen Tribute is a hit with teens.

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Kids Tribute

Kids Tribute

Kids Tribute uniquely packages movies and kid-culture aimed at six to 11-year-olds. Not only does the quarterly magazine offer up details on the latest movies for children in this age range, but it entertains with games and puzzles and provides solid and fascinating learning experiences by relating movie content to the real world.

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