Starchats & Celebrity Interviews

Sam Levinson talks 'Assassination Nation'

188 views | 5:31
Rating: 2.75

Director Sam Levinson talks about his new film Assassination Nation. He dishes on why he wanted to write a story about women, the internet and social media. He tells...

Thomas Mann & Ben Mendelsohn talk 'The Land of Steady Habits'

Release date: September 14, 2018
78 views | 5:55
Rating: 5.00

Thomas Mann and Ben Mendelsohn dish on working together in the Netflix film The Land of Steady Habits. They tell Tribute’s Marriska Fernandes about working with director...

Regi Domingo talks 'Sharkwater Extinction'

In theatres: October 19, 2018
56 views | 9:44
Rating: 4.80

Regi Domingo, who founded the Nakawe Project to save sharks and other marine animals, talks about the adventures she shared with director Rob Stewart while filming Sharkwater...

Brock Cahill talks 'Sharkwater Extinction'

In theatres: October 19, 2018
119 views | 11:27
Rating: 4.80

Brock Cahill, who founded The SeaChange Agency and who was one of Rob Stewart's best friends, talks about filming Sharkwater Extinction with him. He shares with us some of the most...