Perrier's Bounty star Cillian Murphy at TIFF

Tribute’s Bonnie Laufer caught up with Cillian Murphy at TIFF to talk about his role in Ian Fitzgibbon’s crime caper, Perrier’s Bounty.

In Perrier’s Bounty, Murphy plays Michael McCrae, a young Irishman who finds himself on the run from notorious Dublin gangster, Darren Perrier (Brendan Gleeson). The film follows the antics of Michael, his estranged father (Jim Broadbent) and his best friend, during a sleepless 48-hour period that is packed with action and comedic moments. In the interview, Murphy says that he really enjoyed working with so many great Irish actors and having the chance to film in Ireland. “The prospect of coming home… It’s always fun,” he says.

Murphy tells Tribute that there was certainly no shortage of fun during the production of the film, and that the cast had a great time together, despite some of the physical demands. “I love all that stuff,” he says. “Fallin’ down, shootin’ guns…” But has he ever been on a road trip in real life? “Not with a bounty on my head,” he says with a laugh.

In the interview, Murphy also talks about his upcoming role in the Christopher Nolan film, Inception, with Leonardo DiCaprio.


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