Gareth Evans - The Raid Interview at TIFF 2011

Gareth Evans, director of the film The Raid, has always been a fan of martial arts movies and he credits his dad for first introducing him to the genre. The Raid follows in suit of Merantau, Evans’ first film showcasing a unique style of Indonesian combat. A born Welshman, he tells Ola Sturik of Tribute how he landed in Indonesia and why some movies are meant to be watched in the theatre.


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  1. Dr. Dermawan Wibisono on January 29, 2012 8:37 am Reply

    Hai, Gareth, I am very proud of you and your reputation in making Indonesia Film. It is very diferent technique with previous Indonesian made. I have suggestion, it is very rare a children film of Indonesia that really build characters, how if you make a children film that has different taste. I have novels with titles: 1. Sang Juara: Taka-teki Hilangnya Shierly, it is about Indonesian child experiences in England 2. Menggapai Matahari, character building of villages Indonesian Child to get success in his life. I can send that two those novels for you. FYI, my one novel: Gading_gading Ganesha: Bahwa Cinta itu ada, also has been filmed, but unfortunately I am little bit dissapointed with the result that really different with the idea in the novel.

    I am graduate of my PhD from Bradford (UK), Master from RMIT (Australia) and Undergraduate from ITB.

    Nice to meet you and catch you later

    KInd regards,

    Dr. Dermawan Wibisono

    School of Business and Management
    Bandung Institute of Technology
    Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung

  2. robert baultwright on March 20, 2014 5:31 am Reply

    Hello Gareth.
    Congratulations on the production and release of Raid 2. I was
    able to view the trailer at a meet the producer event where I was able
    to meet you and Iko. I have trained and received black belts in karate
    and jujitsu, and I have worked in law enforcement, Raid was a very
    important film because it showed just how dangerous a job like that can
    be. If you do any future films in the northeast we would be happy to
    be a part of it. we have schools in New York,Florida,and Trinidad. Thank you. Grandmaster Robert Baultwright

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