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'Colette' Trailer

2:31 | Uploaded on Aug 29, 2018

In the trailer for Colette, Gabrielle (Keira Knightley) is a country girl without a penny to her name. She's just married an older man, Willy (Dominic West), who's a literary entrepreneur. Willy enlists his new bride to write about her school days, but under his name. She does, and when the book is published, it's an instant success. The novel's main character is named Claudine, and soon the name is appearing on products such as soap and perfume. Although Willy admits the book is based on Gabrielle's school days, he gets all the glory. This begins to bother Gabrielle, who has changed her name to Colette. When people beg for a Claudine sequel, Colette tells Willy she's not interested. He locks her in a room, telling her to write. Colette becomes resentful and decides to break free.


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