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Indignation - Official Trailer

18,589 Views | 2:12 | Uploaded on May 17, 2016

Loud, ringing bells open the official trailer for Indignation, followed soon after by a voiceover saying, "I see by your transcript that you're a remarkably gifted student." The voice belongs to the Dean of a college and the man it's directed at is Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman). We learn Marcus is the first of his family to attend college and has been awarded a scholarship from his temple. The purpose of this discussion surfaces when Marcus is questioned by the Dean about his socialization. There appears to be concern as to his adaptability.

Marcus confesses to one date with a female classmate named Olivia (Sarah Gadon), who he's particularly fond of. It becomes evident, though, that Marcus' infatuation with Olivia may be misplaced, given her "mental history" and "unstable" nature. Events pick up, something terrible transpires and Marcus may just be caught in the undertow.


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