Swept Away

release date:October 11, 2002
Tuesday February 11, 2003 (dvd)
director:Guy Ritchie
studio:Columbia Pictures
producer(s):Matthew Vaughn
screenplay:Guy Ritchie
cast:Madonna , Adriano Giannini, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Bruce Greenwood, Elizabeth Banks, David Thornton, Michael Beattie, Yorgo Voyagis
Current Tribute rating: Current rating: 2.33    Rate Movie     User Reviews

Swept Away Movie Synopsis

A slovenly sailor (Giannini) is stranded on a desert island with his employer (Madonna), a rich, self-centered woman who is used to having her own way. Cut off from society, he reverses their roles, stripping her of pride and vanity and controlling her completely... until she falls in love with him.

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It was okay, But I would like to know more about Adriano G. He is HOT!!!!! Ending could have been better!!!

I am completely in love with Adriano and I think the ending is what ruined the movie.

I thought the movie was well done. After all that the two had gone through, the love scenes were beautiful and peaceful, not just lust but a respect had grown between the two individuals. The woman in this movie was very insecure and superficial. She showed insensitive behavior (rude, careless, etc.). The sailor was fed up with her humiliation of him and had a chance to show her what humiliation really felt like. She had a chance to think it through and was in a perfect place to come to peace with herself. She had to see how her behavior affected herself and others and had to totally humble herself. When she humbled herself she was abl