Alex Cross

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  Wow. A studio actually gave the "green Light" to this turd. Zero stars.

  It was just a Cadillac commercial pretending to be a movie

  Average actor's play. Very predictable movie.

  very good watch

  Bad........ Just like hit comedy sitcoms.

  No one can replace Morgan Freeman as Alex Croos ..Good try Tyler!

  I don't see what the deal is with Tyler Perry. Not a good actor at all...and this movie just profiles it. Bad film.

  Have any of you ever seen the movies a)Kiss The Girls, and b)Along came a spider ? This is the third movie to complete the Alex Cross trilogy. Morgan Freeman was Alex Cross in the first two films. Why they didn't cast him in the third, I don't know, but who the shell started the Denzel Washington kick? Morgan Freeman should have continued this role hands down. Tyler Perry is a half-wit, d-list actor and should never have been considered to follow in Freeman's footsteps.

  Action packed , intense, thrilling, powerfully and great story line

  bad movie...

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