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  Good movie, nice thriller worth the watch

  good movie...a movie with a smart script can virtually never fails. Gere is good.

  Not too bad and was totally watchable

  far better than expected ...many great performances!

  good movie. Gere is, astonishing, good.

  good entertainment! Gere does a great job in this thriller.

  One of the funniest movies of the year! Richard Gere is the new Leslie Nielson!

  Well executed and good story.

  good, savvy thriller. Gere gives a strong performance.

  excellent movie of the cheating privileged rich, who make it a part of their business ethic, with 'survival' as the excuse for business of the 'successful'. such people INCENSE me, at their ability to manipulate things at the expense of others. there's no lucre but filthy lucre. worth the watch. well played out; acting was very realistic and not over the top. worth the watch.

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