Celine: Through the Eyes of the World

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  I enjoyed it...she is very flamboyant, to a fault. She also seems like a nice lady.

  Celine, you are Canada's gift to the world! Thank you so much for this wonderful movie!

  Up until the Bieber movie, this was the BEST concert film I'd seen.

  My favourite film of the year by far!!!!

  I'm not a great fan of Celine but I was surprise to find myself actually captivated by what goes on behind close doors of a superstar. I really enjoyed it. K.P.


  The best movie ever.

  Best concert movie EVER! By all means, go!!!

  I had the time of my life! Love Celine and her dirty dancing!!!

  Celine has such a good heart. She's not a sell-out like all those irresponsible young pop stars that take it all off for attention and take everything for granted. Celine has class, beauty and grace and I'm glad to be born in the same country as her.

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