Fast & Furious 6

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  1 word 2 words infact flawles action

  Fantastic action movie


  IF you're looking for an Oscar-worthy performance from any of the stars, then look elsewhere. IF you're looking for a couple of hours of suspended believe, hot cars, lots of speed and action, then buckle up, Fast & Furious 6 is going to take you for a heck of a ride! --- This is the type of film that can build a huge fan base, just like the few of us who love Elvis movies. On the surface, they're terrible movies, but HIGHLY ENTERTAINING.

Makes the JACKASS movies look clever.

  BY THE 6TH movie.. you should know with all the actors and storylines that all become intertwined with vin diesel and jordan brewster... THAT IT IS FOCUSED ON DECKED OUT CARS AND STUNTS AND FAMILIA. these stupid people rating it one star, i promise you are indeed stupid or watching fast 6 as their first ff movie.

  Was Great

  I love these movies to death. I'm a big car guy and seeing flash backs of some sweet cars is pretty cool. The story line is keeping me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Love the action scenes and car chases. Must say though, seeeing FAst and Furious 6 has me wondering where Toyko drift fits in the this series still.

  so cool

  Go for the action, stay for the romance!

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