For A Good Time, Call...

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  cute and funny

  cute and fun movie...light laughs ..ari graynor was awesome in it

  a fun movie

  Laughed until I was in tears!

  It was alright.

  a fun girls-night movie.

  sexy flick. i quite liked it. :)

  girly movie


  for a good time, call... is a crude comedy with a sweet center. lauren (lauren anne miller, who co-wrote the script) is a sensible young woman with a boring life. when she loses her job and her boyfried goes off to italy for several months - and essentially breaks up with her - she's left with an apartment she can no longer afford. katie (ari graynor - who has more than once been described as kate hudson - only with talent) is the party girl who was the life of the party in college but has never translated that into a real life - and her apartment is losing its rent-controlled status, so she needs a roommate. unfortunately, there was an incident after a party while they were in sch

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