Hugo 3D

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pretty good movie


  a magical movie about 2nd chances. great for the entire family.

  good entertaining story with rich and supurb 3d

  question why didn't paramount release hugo 2d as well? for not every ceimna in the united states doesn't have 3d. hugo would've benefitted more with a 2d copy instead of 3d. it's like paramount is cutting out another sizable share of audience. as for classics like goodfellas,taxi driver,and raging bull don't alter them at all. goodfellas i like but in 3d? i doubt it it would work.i read some of the earlier comments about hugo on weekend box office. i wonder why paramount limited the number of ceimnas 1,300 for example unless paramount is trying to have hugo put under oscar consideration. but i don't mind scorcese taking risks with new technology with 3d for example. now that's what makes a b


  good movie, but a bit slow, don't know if it's oscar worthy.

  one of the best movies i've seen in years.

  awesome, lost one star to a little bad acting but loved it.

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